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The Swing Mechanical
Released: September 9, 2012
Catalog ID: n/a
Artists On This Release: Vourteque

Joseph C.R. Vourteque, or Vourteque as he’s known in the “clandestine industries”, is a Chicago based electro-swing and neo-vaudeville DJ, producer and event promoter. He’s also incredibly sexy. Having been a producer and DJ for over fifteen years he’s known for his iconoclastic take on many music genres, with a penchant toward the dark and heavy. Vourteque has done remix work for a wide variety of artists big an small, including The Clockwork Dolls and Devotchka, with his bootleg remixes of Lady Gaga and Gucci Mane garnering international attention.

He’s also toured extensively throughout eastern North America, playing some of the biggest steampunk, circus-punk and electroswing events happening today. The Swing Mechanical is Vourteque’s first release. Though he’s been producing for a decade and a half, he’s never taken upon himself to officially release anything in an album or EP format. Thus he’s decided to unleash his interpretation of the electro-swing sound. Branding it “smash swing & boom beat” he’s taken his wide variety of influences, from hard techno and industrial to gothic blues and vaudeville, and merged them into an EP that is at times heavy and high energy and other times somber and bassy.

With The Swing Mechanical, Vourteque plans on establishing the Chicago electro-swing sound as one part swing, one part techno and all parts intense. The single, Whiskey Drinker, from the Swing Mechanical EP is a track that is tongue and cheek while staying hard and heavy. Vourteque has merged classic swing and cartoon samples from the 1920s and 1930s with a growling, unapologetic bass lines and a 909 drum machine. The result is a sound both utterly of today and yesterday, taking the sounds of the last great depression and making them fit for the current one.