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The Iron & Jazz Age
Released: May 26, 2015
Catalog ID: n/a
Artists On This Release: Vourteque

“Conceived as the imaginary soundtrack to a grand horror show or movie, Vourteque’s album has quite a strong identity in itself. For us europeans it could be the closest to Burning Man meets Electroswing”
– Bart & Baker

Taking over 2 years to write and produce, Vourteque’s debut album, The Iron & Jazz Age, fuses the sounds of big band, gospel, jazz and blues with techno, industrial, downtempo and EDM. The album’s eleven tracks weave a subtle but intricate tapestry replete with sparkling horns, thundering drums, lush synthetic overtures and preachers raining down fire and brimstone. He brings European Electro Swing back to the birthplace of it’s inspiration. From there, he takes it out for a night on the town, starting at The Green Mill and ending up at a 5am rave in a South Side warehouse.

With collaborations that span both genres and countries, Vourteque has made a point of exploring every inch of neo-vintage sounds. Collaborators on the album include the UK’s Professor Elemental, New York’s Sabrina Chap, Seattle’s Carey Rayburn of Good Company, Baltimore’s Allison Curval of the Clockwork Dolls, Chicago band Candy Town’s Sean Guinan, Lexington’s Joe Harbison and Alex Johns of The Ford Theatre Reunion, east coast guitarist Eli August and more. On top of this, Asheville North Carolina’s own Andrew Benjamin of the band Hellblinki acted as mastering engineer.

The album includes songs such as the clap and stomp show stopper Hot Sinner, bringing the listener to a tent revival where pious sobriety is the last thing on anyone’s mind. There’s No Teeth, a brutally gritty industrial blues number that obliquely explores the dangers of fanaticism. There’s Firelighter, a high energy boom swing track with rhymes by Professor Elemental, and Vourteque’s own cover of the Bowie hit, Magic Dance, re-imagined as a 1940s Hollywood musical number, replacing detuned guitars with blazing horns and crunchy synths with rag-time piano.

The Iron & Jazz Age defies being pigeonholed into any one genre, although will most likely please fans of Electro Swing, Neo-Vintage, and alternative, weirdo dance music. It’s set for release May 26th on Chicago’s own neo-vintage, retro, and alternative dance music label, Dead 2 Me Records.