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Puzzle EP
Released: April 20, 2018
Catalog ID: D2M116
Artists On This Release: Sepiatonic

Sepiatonic’s latest EP Puzzle is exactly that! It is a tantalizingly intertwined mesh of house beats, jazz horns, vocal syncopations, raps, drops, and rises; a seductive exploration of brass, bass, and irresistibly danceable beats. Swing-inspired horn lines elude to wild 1920’s dance halls, while fresh beats and fat bass provide a backdrop of innovative, danceable grooves. Like a puzzle, this EP reveals more sides of the band’s personality with every track, ranging from biting social commentary, to sultry vocals peppered with frisky horns. This dynamic album contains depth in it’s dance beats. What will Puzzle speak to you?

Recorded at: The Void - Portland OR
Engineered by: Anthony Meade, Ethan Zirin Brown
Composed by: Anthony Meade, Karolyn Wyneken, Ethan Zirin-Brown
Produced by: Sepiatonic
Mixed by: Anthony Meade, David Rueda, Ethan Zirin-Brown
Mastered by: Audible Oddity

The Players:
Anthony Meade - Vocals, Trombone
Karolina Lux - Vocals, Trumpet
Ethan (eZeL) Zirin-Brown - Vocals, Bass
Jon Van Cura - Baritone Sax, Guitar
Cory Richard Palacios - Trumpet
Asher Fulero - Keyboards (on Stone)