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Mr. Automatic & Momo-Dono - Post-Modern Love (Is So Passe)
Released: January 10, 2020
Catalog ID: D2M-120
Artists On This Release: Mr. Automatic

Ushering in the Roaring 2020’s is the latest single from Chicago’s Mr. Automatic and songwriter/vocalist/performer Momo-Dono. “Post-Modern Love (Is So Passe)” is heavily influenced by producer Mr. Automatic’s long-running neo-vintage monthly dance party, Rouge!, which features live burlesque, acrobatic, and neo-vaudeville performances along with DJs playing a mix of Glitch Funk and House re-interpretations of classic Swing, jazz, and soul records. The collaboration between the two started as a basic question: “What if Cole Porter had tried to write a song about contemporary, online dating?”

The record was recorded in Automatic’s studio, with Momo-Dono providing vocals on-site, with remote contributions by frequent collaborators Carey Rayburn (Trumpet, Good Co.) and Dr. Rocktagon (Baritone and Tenor Sax, Luxotica Lounge Cabaret). The record is coming out January 10th, 2020
on Chicago label Dead 2 Me Records (Sepiatonic, Vourteque). The single will also feature an extended edit for DJs, and plans are in the works for a forthcoming remix EP featuring Glitch-hop mastermind Duke Skellington and UK Bass House madman, Crash Party.

Mr. Automatic is a Chicago-based DJ, and co-founder of Calliope Presents and Dead 2 Me Records. He's known for his genre-spanning sets, which are as likely to feature jazz-infused House, Glitchfunk, and Electro Swing as they are to cover disco, funk, and Indie Dance. In recent years, he has made name for himself producing and playing Neo-Vintage dance music. With Vourteque and performance artist Lady Lennox, he formed the successful, long-running Rouge! Neo-Vintage Cabaret and Dance Party in late 2013 in Chicago. Through their monthly event, they imported some of the top international DJ talent of the Electro Swing and Glitchfunk scenes to Chicago. Since then, they have taken Rouge! on the road to Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis and Electric Forest. In 2019, they threw the first Roaring City Music Festival in Chicago with business partner Pete Augusta.

Momo-dono is the alias of vocalist and former lead singer for the Claudettes, Yana Atim. Her moniker comees from the Japanese deity who became a demon slayer while bring peace and peaches to Earth. She is a multi-talented singer and performer wanting to uplift those with music while reviving classic forms of singing.